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Yodel Customer Services phone number

Discussion in 'Shipping Companies' started by Fuhrmann, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. Fuhrmann New Member


    Could somebody tells me Yodel contact phone number for UK. I'm interested in International Services..I have to send a big and very important parcel to another contry and would like to know all the terms of transfer, especially the prices for different weight, size, etc. I got quotes from other UK's leading parcel delivery companies, and nothing suits me.

    Hope for help..
    I'll be grateful for any response) Thanks
  2. NiceGirl New Member


    The simplest way to get in touch with Yodel's representatives is to call the Yodel customer service phone number 08449400144 in the UK.

    The actual price caller will pay by calling the 0844 number above will be 5 ppm from BT landline (call charges from other operators may vary).

    It looks like Yodel have multiple inbound numbers, some of them are 0871 rated on 10 p per minute, and to be on the safe side they announce price of call as 10 ppm all the time, regardless which number you are calling.

    Just want to say that I use Yodel services more than few years and I never regretted my choice. Helpful team always answer all my questions and meet my requirements. I like doing bussinnes with Yodel) Eapecially their responsible approach to everyone and to every parsel, mail or packet.

    I have no doubts that you will choose Yodel):)
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  3. tafreehm New Member

    Great, thanks for Yodel contact number!!
  4. Fuhrmann New Member

    NiceGirl, thanks a lot))

    Your help with Yodel helpline number was really useful.
    And you are right, I've met realy warming attitude from members of customer service...
  5. alcorplast New Member

    thanks for opportunity to give them a call. You saved my time))
  6. Triol New Member

    I want to send a parcel. Can I use Yodel helpline number above to book a pick up???
  7. Vodkaholic New Member

    Of course, contact with Yodel customer service and the team will provide you all information about sending a parcel!! Good luck!))
  8. planknot New Member


    Can I collect my parcel from Yodel service centre and what do I need for it?
  9. jan18 New Member

    Yes, sure.
    You can collect your parcel from Yodel service centre. But you should let the company's representatives know at least 24 h in advance, so they can get your parcel ready for collection. You can use for it Yodel helpline number or online tracking system.
    You can find all details of your local service centre or on the card left by the driver.
  10. denkeeper New Member

    I want to collect my parcel from the service center. I know it's possible to do but I don't know in what way. What do I need for this??? Who know? In what way it's better to contact Yodel service center to let them know about my intention?
  11. Shania P New Member

    I think the best way to let them know is over the phone by using Yodel contact number. Note that you should do this at least 24 hours in advance. You should do this because employees need some time to get your parcel ready for collection.
  12. twin New Member

    By the way, if you want to let the company know about your collection, it's possible to get to Yodel customer service online tracking system or automated call system. They both are also rather effective.

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