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Xbox live support phone number uk

Discussion in 'Games' started by La5, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. La5 New Member

    I try to contact xbox live, can you say Xbox live support telephone number uk?
    I need some help of Xbox live support to solve my problem
  2. Leibonik New Member

    Xbox live support telephone number is the same as for Xbox 360 support
    use 0844 545 81 43.
    Or see the Xbox Support phone in Xbox Support post
  3. Xatter New Member

    Thanks for help and right contact number of the Xbox live support
  4. ozzzo New Member

    Open times of Xbox live support
    Monday to Friday – 9am to 10pm
    Saturday – 9am to 8pm
    Sunday – 9am to 5pm
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  5. Richlife New Member

    Thanks for xbox live contact uk number and additional information. I was looking for it:)

  6. Modeys New Member

    Great thanks. Via this Xbox helpline no. I've got technical support succesfuly:)
  7. v-man New Member

    It was a pleasure to use this Xbox contacts. The number is valid and support team was helpful and professional.
  8. IamSCORPION New Member

    I've visited many sites with contact phone numbers but it seems to me that this one is the best. All the information is actual)
    Thanks for your service
  9. jmurrayhead New Member

    I'm extremely thankful! It's a great help!
  10. Smirnovalola New Member

    Ooh!, It is a very useful information. I was really need Xbox live contact number!
  11. SmokerMan New Member

    I've spend so much time to find this 'magic' Xbox contact number!!!:eek:
    It was so close to me all the time...)))
  12. San4ozzZ New Member

    Thanks for useful Xbox contact and Thanks to Xbox company because the staff is very welcoming and want to help everybody in every way they can))
  13. Thief8925 New Member

    Hi there) Great thanks for great help))
  14. EQnoble New Member

    I'm so happy to get Xbox phone number )))) Thanks
  15. boonya New Member

    ))))I'm also happy
  16. o-mega New Member

    Thanks for provided XBox telephone number! It's valid and useful information
  17. Digital Doctor New Member


    I have the next error: Can't perform the requested action due to a temporary server error.
    What's going on? and What do I do???
    I'm confused(((I have never had anything like this.
    Is it worth to contact Xbox service centre with my problem?
  18. Sharingan New Member

    Hi there!!! Please, don't panic.
    This error means that your device doesn't have a wireless network connection (or it can’t connect to the internet). You should make sure that you have connection to the internet. You can also check router and your password or your router's configuration. And if you still cannot connect, check your updates and update your PC.
    If you cannot cope with this problem by yourself, contact Xbox support service.
  19. Jackchamp New Member


    How can I change my account information?
  20. Gabbana New Member

    You can change your account information on Xbox website.
    If you cannot find it on the site, contact with service centre and change your account info by phone. See Xbox helpline number above.
    As I know, lines are open from Monday - Friday during the whole day, Saturday – 9am to 8pm and on Sunday – 9am to 5pm.

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