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Vodafone customer services free number?

Discussion in 'Internet and Phone' started by Olympus, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. Olympus New Member

    Hi, i am looking for Vodafone customer services phone number. Can anybody tell me contact phone for Vodafone, preferable free one? I need to speak to an advisor.
    Will anyone help me with this phone number? Thanks.........
  2. Reanimator New Member

    The Vodafone customer services free number is 111. You can dial this number from any Vodafone mobile telephone, the caller will be connected to Vodafones customer services department free of charge.

    If you need to call from landline you can dial 08449959677 to reach Vodafone customer services.

    Also you can use it for Vodafone sales, upgrades, faults, accounts & billing support, for all mobile phones (Pay Monthly, Pay As You Go, and SIM Only plans), mobile internet & broadband, plus all general enquiries

    Open times of Vodafone customer service lines are:
    General enquiries - Monday to Sunday, 8am-8pm
    Lost or stolen mobile phone - 24 hours a day

    It's not free, but just 0.05 ppm from BT landline and from my experience has fast response time.
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  3. Olympus New Member

    Thanks a lot!
  4. Chka New Member

    Perfect, I was looking for a Vodafone helpline number and I've got it:p
    Thank you and thanks for a so helpful forum
  5. LYSI New Member

    Great thanks, this information helps me a lot:)
  6. temniy New Member

    Thanks for a Vodafone helpline number. It was a realy huge help! I've found this no. pretty fast and got Vodafone support without problems. Good service, guys!
  7. b-scout New Member

    Hi to everybody! It was a great help. Thanks!
  8. Fuhrmann New Member

    I like this forum but there is not enough phone numbers here. I usually use business directory to look up for contact numbers. It is bigger:) and there you can find more Vodafone contact phone numbers.
    Anyway, thanks for another Vodafone contact number.
  9. VSV New Member

    I used to call the numbers provided on this forum. It's worked for me!
  10. Mike New Member

    It's great!!!!
  11. mmt New Member

    It's really useful information for me, thanks.
  12. vikatoria New Member

    Couldn't believe my eyes:)
  13. Modeys New Member

    I'm so greatful..... Vodafone number I found here helped me a lot)
  14. JBourne New Member

    Great, thanks for sharing this info!
  15. vladdef New Member

    I have a problem with activating my new sim card((
    Is it necessary to contact Vodafone support service??? I'm confused
  16. Rimusato New Member

    To my mind it is more better to tell Vodafone support team about your problem and they'll try to solve it immediately. I also had some difficulties with activating, but I called them and now everything is good!!
  17. Nick1sHere New Member

    hi! What do the details on my bill mean?
    I cannot find this info anywhere.

    Can Vodafone support team explain me this???
  18. GameFun New Member

    Exactly I don't know what kind of details you mean.
    But I know some of them))
    Billed usage - this is extra costs from one of your bills and the plan charge. CR - just a credit to your account. Inclusive allowance - combination of calls, data and texts. Extra usage charges - costs of calls not included in your plan. That's all information I have(( Use Vodafone service centre helpline number and you will find out more!..
  19. zikkuratvk New Member

    I'm here because I cannot start using my new phone. I contacted Vodafone service center and advisors explained me everything in details but I forgot(((( Help me please!!! You are my last hope!
  20. apnavaru New Member

    There is no big deal! You just need to stick your new phone on charge and to pop SIM in. And voila, your phone is ready to work)))) If you have some problems or issues, get in touch with Vodafone support service or visit your nearest Vodafone store. Company's consultants will show and explain you everything in details one more time))!

    Good Luck!

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