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Virgin Mobile UK customers support phone number

Discussion in 'Internet and Phone' started by submind, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. submind New Member

    Hi there
    I'm going to go away and use my mobile phone abroad, so I want to know what I need to do to take my phone with me, how much will it cost and other details. I haven't find enough information on their website, so I hope to get direct Virgin Mibile phone number to reach a live person and ask all the question. Does anybody know Virgin Mibile contacts or perhaps somebody have already been in the same situation and can give some useful advises. I prefer to pay in a PayAsYouGo way.
    Great thanks in advance))
  2. kaktoos New Member

    Ooh, good thread!
    Sorry, couldn't help, I'm also looking for this contact.
    Hope somebody will share Virgin Mobile landline number with us))
  3. Pion New Member

    Don't worry, be happy)))))
    I've got Virgin Mobile contact number 08449959779 for customer services, sales, all other enquiries. Actually, option 3 will take you direct to the customers support.
    As I figure out you are going to switch to the Virgin Mobile.
    So my advise is call to the Virgin Mobile and first of all clarify all the details and conditions of mobile operator changing.
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  4. kaktoos New Member

    Great help, Pion! I've called by phone via this number and I can say for sure that Virgin Mobile phone number is valid!!!
  5. Pion New Member

    Everybody is welcome!
    Glad to be helpful!))
  6. potash New Member

    I was looking for this phone number. Thanks:)
  7. Chka New Member

    Thanks for provided Virgin Mobile contact number. I'm going to call 'cos I have some problems with internet
  8. Mr. Brightside New Member

    Hi there
    Thanks for number for Virgin Mobile support service. I've called and I'm felling myself as a satisfied customer!!
    Team work exellent, they did everything possible to save my time and to help me.
  9. Rimusato New Member

    Thanks for such a useful Virgin Mobile contact. Everybody can feel free to resolve problems by phone!
  10. DuxGeneral New Member

    Good all moods:)
  11. M0bius New Member

    Big thanks for a Virgin Mobile contact phone number)) This is great!
  12. GoldenReg New Member

    I'm surprised to find valid Virgin Mobile phone number on forum..Thank you!
  13. vasyan New Member

    I've lost my phone((
    Is it possible to block it and stop anyone else from using it???
    Can Virgin Mobile customer service help me and in what way??? tell me smth... pleeeeeeeeeeease!!
  14. evgeniy646 New Member

    According to my huge experience of losing phones... Yeah, you can block you phone)))
    Just contact with Virgin Mobile support team and explain them your situation.
    Best wishes!
  15. EonBlueApocalypse New Member

    How can I tell if I already have an online account? I've looked for this info on the official website, but with no result.
    Can Virgin Mobile service centre help me in this question?
  16. JeffE New Member

    hi)) if you joined the company recently, your account will be all set up and ready to use. If you want to find your account, just click on the 'Not sure which email address you gave us?' and your email address will be tracked.

    To get complete answers and a proper consultation, contact Virgin Mobile support group. They will help you with pleasure!
  17. Leibonik New Member

    I've heard something about Phone Fix.
    What is this?
    Who knows???

    P.S. Do you believe that Virgin Mobile contact number and service center are really so helpful? I've never contacted its support group but I think that there is nothing perfect.
    What do you think?
  18. courier New Member

    I think you're dull!
    How can you judge something without having a clue in this?
    I advise you to contact Virgin Mobile support service personally and make sure that this is one of the most professional service centers nowadays.

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