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TalkTalk customer services phone number UK?

Discussion in 'Internet and Phone' started by Shmigul, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. Shmigul New Member

    Hi there

    I need some help with Talk Talk customer services phone number for UK. I've try to find out Talk Talk contacts on the website but in vain, so I hope somebody here know them. I cannot log into TalkTalk Webmail, what should I do? Every time I try to login I get a message like "You need to enabled your JavaScript to access to webmail". I am newbie in such matters.

    Does anybody help me with TalkTalk phone number or with solving this problem?
  2. Skab New Member

    hi, thanks for creating this thread:) I'm agree that TalkTalk website has some problems with usability, especially in the 'Help' department)))
    I also need TalkTalk direct phone number.
    Help, please...
  3. submind New Member

    Hi, I've got it, it wasn't as difficult as you described))
    Talk Talk UK helpline number 08449959611 for customer service. Use this Talk Talk contact for all general queries.

    Lines are available from 08.00 to 22.00, 7 days a week

    Good luck in solving your issues, guys))
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  4. twin New Member

    Thanks submind for valid Talk Talk contact number but I want to add that the line is available Mon - Thu from 8am to 10pm, Friday from 8am to 9pm, Sat - Sun from 9am to 8pm.
  5. melivan New Member

    Why would you guys don't look for solution to the problem on the TalkTalk website better? I've found a steps what to do if you get such error.
    This is for a lazy men)) Maybe you should spent more time trying to solve the problems by yourselves?
  6. kse New Member

    Maybe, melivan, but there are no reasons. Why should I even waste my time searching the TalkTalk contact information or FAQ? If I have a problem, I wanna solve it as soon as possible. And doesn't metter for me what way: by post, by email or by phone. I've chose the fastest way.

    Thanks a lot, I've got TalkTalk support service without problems))
  7. Shmigul New Member

    Huge help, submind:)
    I've called on this TalkTalk helpline number and now everything is ok. TalkTalk support explained me all stuff I didn't understand))

    Melivan, My call took 10 minutes))) This is for a busy men
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  8. wedding New Member

    Shmigul, +1!
    Completely agree with you. Thanks for Talk Talk contacts:)
  9. Reanimator New Member

    Thanks a lot for TalkTalk no. Great job!
  10. EQnoble New Member

    Great job!
    I thank you and shall always remember your kindness:)!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. zloi New Member

    thanks for help. Talk Talk customer services number is very useful..
  12. Djamilastyle New Member

    I've clarified my issues via the TalkTalk contact number above. Talk Talk takes care of customers for sure!!!
    Thanks for all!
  13. GDV New Member

    Great thanks. I just have a lot of questions about some services!
  14. Dinh Thanh New Member

    I'm so glad that I can dial the number above and get Talk Talk support without any problems:)
  15. Dr.One New Member

    Thanks a lot for the best contact)))
  16. sysctl New Member

    It's wonderful!
    I've never seen such professional and well-coordinated team!!!! Talk Talk customer support really takes care about each client!!!)))))
    It is very pleasent!
  17. Mirrorball New Member

    It's true!!
    Talk Talk helpline number really works!)))
    Thanks to them I have an excellent telephone communication...
  18. dMark New Member

    First of all want to say BIG THANKS to Talk Talk service centre. I have never met such professional and friendly team.

    and my question is: Can I use my mobile abroad? look, it's very important for me to keep the same phone number abroad.

    thanks in advance))
  19. Lenkom New Member

    I agree with you 100 percent.
    Talk Talk customer support group is simply best of the best. Don't worry, you can make and receive calls when you're abroad. Charges whilst roaming abroad will be itemized separately on your bill. You should also pay attention that you will be charged for both making and receiving calls. Contact Talk Talk service centre and advisors will tell you what to do to keep your phone number abroad.

    Good luck!!! :)
  20. Nick1sHere New Member

    Tell me please how can I pay my bill. I don't want to get to Talk Talk customer service with this question because I know that this information is on company's official website. I looked for it everywhere but with no result. Maybe someone of you can provide me some info...
    I will be glad!!

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