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Swiftcover customer service number?

Discussion in 'Insurance' started by alcorplast, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. alcorplast New Member

    Hi. Can anybody suggest the direct Swiftcover customer service number?
    I've sought on their site but without results.
  2. fr0st New Member

    Many ways to find Swift cover phone number. But i hear alternative number 0844 9959 599 to contact Swiftcover.
    Its correct phone number but it costs 0.05 per minute.
    You can reach live person on
    Monday - Friday 8 am to 9 pm
    Sat. – 8am to 6pm
    Sun. – 9am to 5pm

    You can use this contact number for issues on Swiftcover customer services, sales, insurance claims and other information.
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  3. filmlion New Member

    Thanks, I called on this number and everything is ok
    You can use it to contact Swiftcover
  4. CincUnfine New Member

    Thanks, i'll write it to my personal phonebook
  5. Eagle New Member

    Regards, I use 0844 9959 599 phone number to contact Swift Cover customer service and i do it successfully.
  6. ksm New Member

    Thanks! There are no problems to contact Swiftcover customer service by this no.
  7. La5 New Member

    Thanks! i've called to Swift Cover service and solved all my problems!
  8. holyteaclub New Member

    Tnx! Best contact to Swiftcover insurance support!
  9. Fang New Member

  10. qubit New Member

    Thanks! Long time was looking for right swiftcover car insurance contact number.
  11. Richlife New Member

    Thanks! Is working fine for Swift car insurance!
  12. terrell New Member

    Valid swiftcover claims number. Really helped. I had some trouble with Swiftcover customer service but now everything is ok))
    fr0st, thanks a lot:)
  13. F5Media New Member

    It really works, thanks for valid Swiftcover helpline number;)
  14. JeffE New Member

    Hi there, just wanted to say a big thanks to this forum for a Swiftcover contacts and a big thanks to Swiftcover for the excellent work and attitude towards the customer. The customer service was first class.
  15. Myza New Member

    Ooh!Great thanks! The Swiftcover customer care phone number really works...Nice to get such a contact number!
  16. DuxGeneral New Member

    frOst, thank you a lot! I was need it:)
  17. mercy New Member

    Thank you fr0st for providing a solution!!!!!
    This Swiftcover number is valid!
  18. JBourne New Member

    Thanks for help! I was looking for Swiftcover contact number for UK. How did you get it???
  19. Marques New Member

    Hi there! Great thanks for Swiftcover contact number for UK... Kind personal gave me all information about I was interested in)
  20. kse New Member

    It's a huge help, big thanks!!!

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