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Sky TV customer services phone number?

Discussion in 'Cable Television' started by b-scout, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. b-scout New Member

    Hi. Does anybody know free Sky TV customer services phone number?
    I was looking on the official site and found nothing.
  2. a6588 New Member

    I'm also searching Sky TV contact number.
    Maybe anybody know how to contact the Sky TV?
  3. a_cpp New Member

    There are many ways to find Sky TV telephone number. For example you can use alternative number 08449959595 to contact Sky customer services.
    It is direct phone number but it costs 5 p/minute.
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  4. b-scout New Member

    Good job, thanks a lot, I got them via this number and now all my issues are resolved!
  5. brown amisha New Member

    Above I found the phone no. for sky customer services very helpful, thanks for sharing.
  6. derikdun New Member

    phone number for Sky is really useful, have to fix some problems.
  7. maliarovich New Member

    I've got Sky customer care without any problems, thanks for given Sky no.
  8. hadahan New Member

    Hi, I've used this Sky contact for customer care and I've got them fast and successfuly.
    I must express that the service provided by Sky TV was excellent and they all are very helpful and most of all very honest
    I'm glad:)
  9. vladdef New Member

    Hi to everyone:)
    Thank you very much for Sky TV contact number. I have to get their support team to solve some problems with cable television)
  10. Digital Doctor New Member

    All my problems are solved! Thanx:)
  11. R-tem New Member

    It is a big problem to find Sky TV helpline phone number! But I've got it!!!
  12. koshak New Member

    Hi there) Thanks for Sky TV contact number. The conversation was excellent!
    Years of world class experience make the company the best.
  13. Alldar New Member

    It is a great help. Thanks a lot:)
  14. jmurrayhead New Member

    08449959595 - This Sky TV contact number helped to resolve all my issues)
  15. kkm323 New Member

    It is so great help as for me) thank you
  16. Q12 New Member

    You help me a lot!
  17. inpost New Member

    I'd like to join cable television. That is why I want to know everything about channels, price etc...
    Can I find Sky TV support service on their official website???
  18. SK New Member

    It seems to me you can find some info on the website.
    But as for me, it is better to get in touch with SKY Tv customer service directly by using their helpline number. It is very easy, especially that lines are open during the whole day)))))))))
  19. That Bearded Man New Member

    Can anybody tell me how to set up my Sky box??? I tried to do everything possible, but with no result.
    So I need a help!
    I'm not sure that I can address with this question to Sky TV service centre... that is why I’m here and ask forum users))))
  20. A black person New Member

    Hi)) you can address to Sky TV support team with any question. Be sure, by calling them you will get the best consultation!
    You can also find a lot of useful information and step-by-step instructions on the official website.
    If you want to set up your box, do the following: first of all get everything ready. It means that you should unplug your old box and completely remove the scart cable; unscrew and disconnect the two satellite cables, unplug the telephone line, remove the viewing card from your old box and finally unpack your new box.
    Then you should connect your cables, switch your box on and insert your viewing card, confirm your installation and activate your channels.

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