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Sky customer services phone number?

Discussion in 'Internet and Phone' started by b-scout, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. b-scout New Member

    Hello. Could anybody suggest where I can find Sky customer services phone number?
    I'm looking for it on their website without results.
  2. camriper New Member

    I also can't find Sky customer services numbers
    Does someone know the contact number for Sky customer service?
  3. Cheshir New Member

    Its pretty hard to find Sky telephone number. But i heard alternative number you can use to contact with Sky 08449959595 It's the same as for Sky TV.
    I've used this phone number (5 p/minute) a few weeks ago.
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  4. CincUnfine New Member

    Thank Cheshir, I used to solve my problems by phone and this is a valid number
    Everybody can use it to contact Sky customer service UK.
    On my opinion it's the best sky telephone no.)
  5. dabreezy New Member

    Cool, I've used this telephone number to contact Sky support and everything is ok.
  6. Pion New Member

    Thanks for sky customer helpline number.
  7. qubit New Member

    Its for main switchboard.
    You also can use Sky telephone number 08449959595 for Sky Customer Services including Sky TV, Sky+, Sky+ HD, Sky Phone & Broadband, for new and existing or returning customers.

    Opening times of Sky customer support are from 8:30am to 11:00pm

    Also you can contact Sky support by e-mail - crsupport@bskyb.com
    Or use Sky Customer Services Postal Address

    4 MacKintosh Road
    Kirkiton Campus
    West Lothian
    EH54 7BW
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  8. Reanimator New Member

    Thanks for full information about how to contact Sky support. I will use it. And thanks for Sky customer service phone number!
  9. o-mega New Member

    Thanks for Sky internet customer service no. I had a problem with a low level signal at home. Now everything is ok:)
  10. Onni New Member

    Great, thanks for your help. I really needed number for Sky helpline:)
  11. Administrator Administrator

    Hello to everybody.
    Sky still have a problem with their customer services as a result of updating their Sky system. Sky's team promised to fix everything by friday but until now Sky is not able to change account details, take payments and arrange an engineer visit. Also access to accounts and some interactive services are still not available for Sky's telephone advisors.
    "We expect service will work normal in a few days. For detailed information and help see @skyhelpteam on Twitter. Sky will make there a post as soon as everything is back up and running."
  12. Richlife New Member

    I'm here to say a big thanks for a valid Sky phone number for customer support. This no. really helps me and as I see not just me))
    Well, I didn't need help at that time:)
  13. WorkNets New Member

  14. Mirrorball New Member

    The effect of your help was nothing short of miraculous:).
  15. GreyWolff New Member

    Good forum! I've find here almost all contacts I was needed)
    Thanks to everybody)
  16. yrygvay New Member

    I visited Sky website FAQ where I couldn't find information useful to me. That 's why I'm so greatful for the number!;)
  17. jomdj New Member

    I've solved my problems via number above. Big thanks to Sky for warming attitude and personal attention!
  18. Carlos New Member

    Thanks for contact number of leader in mobile technology)))
  19. Lon New Member

    I am pleased with this contact)))
  20. JeffE New Member

    hi)) provided Sky number works, thank you for help
    best regards

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