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Scottish Power contact telephone number for customer services

Discussion in 'Large providers' started by KoIIIeY, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. KoIIIeY New Member

    Hi there.
    I'm a domestic customer of ScottishPower. I know that it's the best electricity gas provider but I've met a problem when I was looking their contacts. I'm moving home and wonna know all the detailes and conditions. Could anybody answer the following questions? What's the Scottish Power phone number for customer service? What information will I need to provide when I will colling? And exactly when should I call?
    Last hope to get answers in this forum)
    thanks for help in advance..
  2. Carlos New Member

    I'm also hope to get answers for the same questions..(
  3. a_cpp New Member

    Hi to everybody.
    It's not easy to get a number. But once somebody on some forum gave me this Scottish Power contact phone number 0844 9959 757 for all general questions. The number is valid. I was happy when I got it. And now I'm happy to share it and help everybody who need to call. As I remember option 1 will take you to customer services.
    Notice that company is merged Manweb and ScottishPower.
    ScottishPower lines are open from 8am to 7pm on Monday - Friday and from 8:30am to 1pm on Saturdays.
    That's all) Thanks for attention)))
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  4. KoIIIeY New Member

    Perfectly! Great thanks! I've called them a minute ago and Scottish Power provided me all nessesary information. I'm a satisfied customer now.
  5. Pion New Member

    a_cpp, thank you a lot! It's a big help! I was need account help and now everything is ok!
  6. a_cpp New Member

    Glad to be helpful!
  7. RvG New Member

    I've got it so fast. I'm a lucky men!!!!!
  8. sanvel New Member

    Big big big thanks for a valid Scottish Power helpline number! Its a great job!
  9. none.sql New Member

    I've get Scottish Power customer service successfuly!!! If you wish to communicate with Scottish Power company in a direct way then dial the telephone you see above. It's the best contact!!!
  10. beagler New Member

    I'm so greatful!!! Thanks:)
  11. tafreehm New Member

    It's a good idea to reach Scottish Power support direct by phone))
  12. GreyWolff New Member

    It is pretty hard to get contact phone number, so huge thanks!
  13. temniy New Member

    I wonder what is better... to get Scottish Power technical support on their website or by using their direct helpline number??
  14. NiceGirl New Member

    My suggestion is to use Scottish Power contact phone number.
    You'll get a proper support by calling them! Hope it is more faster than looking for smth on website))))
  15. _EBGEN_ New Member

    Hi! Can anybody write me something about payments?
    I want to know more about telephone, internet and bank payments. May I use Scottish Power contact number which is above when I pay my bills by phone or there is quite another phone number for payments?

  16. JoyeShop New Member

    The contact number above is a number of Scottish Power service centre. You cannot use it for paying by phone. You can get this number by contacting Scottish Power support group. Call there and advisors will give you this and provide all info about telephone payments.
    You can also pay online. Just log on to your account, then select 'manage my account’ and make a card payment to ‘my energy account’. And at last, for bank payments you need to contact your bank. Bank's representatives will tell you what to do next.
    The end)
  17. Hatchet New Member

    Hi! I have a short question.. How does prepayment work?

    P.S. If you don't know the answer, is it a good idea to contact Scottish Power service center?
  18. Ericwagner New Member

    Yes, sure.
    You can get to Scottish Power customer service with all question and problems you have.
    About prepayment... I know what is it and know how it works, but it's rather difficult to explain. The best way to you is to contact the support group.
  19. DuxGeneral New Member

    I know something about this, but I think it isn't enough.
    So, prepayment allows you to pay the facilities as you use it. It means that you don't need to pay for running up monthly/quarterly bills. Please use Scottish Power helpline number.
    Company's consultants are more competent than we are.

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