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Samsung support phone number UK

Discussion in 'Manufacturers' started by RWS, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. RWS New Member

    Hi to everybody here)

    I'm here because I need some help with Samsung customer support contacts. I
    have to update my player's firmware on Blu-ray but I don't know how to do it
    and even why I have to do it. Can anybody explain me this or does anybody know
    Samsung customer support landline number. I was looking for Samsung phone
    number on the website but in vein. Nothing except of few support steps.

    Waiting for your responce. Thanks in advance:)))
  2. sanvel New Member

    Hello, I'm also trying to find Samsung product support contacts. My laptop looks like died. I've bought it few month ago so I hope it's such a tiny technical problem. I was surprised, 'cos Samsung’s range and quality of laptops and monitors are satisfy most demanding customers.
    I need to solve this problem as soon as possible. Please help...
  3. seotat New Member

    Hello, I'm ready to help.
    Samsung is known for build quality, however in the unlikely event things go wrong you can always call Samsung’s dedicated UK product/customer support phone on: 08445456523. As I know best times to call are Monday - Saturday: 9am - 6pm. You can call on this Samsung number with any questions. Be ready, you might be asked for date of purchase, product model and serial number. Samsung supports products such as Samsung LCD and plasma TV, Galaxy Android smartphones, Galaxy Tab tablets, DVD/Blue ray players, Home cinema systems, cameras, notebooks, printers, etc.
    Good luck in solving problems, hope I've helped:)
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  4. RWS New Member

    Thanks a lot!!!The Samsung phone number is valid))
  5. seotat New Member

    Don't mention it. You're welcome:)
    Glad to be helpful))
  6. camriper New Member

    Hi there
    Thanks a lot! I've called today and got answers for all my questions. The manager who handled me was exceedingly helpful.
  7. Ustas New Member

    Hude thanks for a valid Samsung customer care phone number!
  8. inpost New Member

    I'm going to call. Hope this will help me)
  9. LYSI New Member

    Thank to everyone who has so generously share their knowledge about phone numbers!
  10. jan18 New Member

    Great! I've found so many useful business contact numbers on this forum!!! Realy huge thanks!
  11. evgeniy646 New Member

    Hi there. Just want to say a big big thanks for help with Samsung helpline number..
  12. NicknameB New Member

    Perfect) thanks for useful information:)
  13. maliarovich New Member

    Hi there)
    Great thanks for Samsung contact information you provide) It will help)
  14. Elleon New Member

    best wishes for all!!!
  15. qubit New Member

    I didn't find the information I need on the website. It is so good to have Samsung contact phone number...
  16. Dinh Thanh New Member

    Hi!) A week ago I bought new telephone and 2 days later it broke.
    At first I addressed to the store where I bought it, but they didn't even want to listen to me.
    Advise me smth please!......
    Is it worth to contact with Samsung support service and tell them about my situation??? Actually I don't believe that they can help me in some way......
  17. io77 New Member

    Unfortunately, sometimes we have such incidents in our stores.
    I suppose, you should use the helpline number (it's above) and get to Samsung center.
    Good luck. Hope, everything will be fine!!!
  18. Hosted New Member

    Can anybody tell me how do I connect to a Wi-Fi network on my handset? I'm going to address to Samsung service centre in the nearest store. But will be glad to get any info here.

    Hope for a quick response)
  19. dabreezy New Member

    First of all on the main screen select applications, then select settings and Wireless & networks, the you need to select Wi-Fi and choose the required Wi-Fi network to connect to. That's all.
    If something goes wrong, I advise you to contact Samsung support service.
  20. Maxfort New Member

    you forgot to say that sometimes it's necessary to enter password, if connecting to a secure network. Just enter it and everything will be OK)))

    P.S. Thanks to Samsung support team I don't have problems with internet connection anymore. Good job!!

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