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Npower Customer services contact number

Discussion in 'Large providers' started by Darkimmortal, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. Darkimmortal New Member

    Hi there)
    I'm here to ask a help with Npower contact phone numbers. I would like to reach Npower technical support. My husband called a master to set the smartpower electricity monitor a few weeks ago. First it works perfect but now shows some unreal figures. My husband is on a business trip and I don't know whom to contact. I want to clarify can the company send me the master to fix this electricity monitor and how much does it cost.

    Did anybody alse meet this problem before? Maybe it can be repaired under warranty...

    thanks to everybody in advance
  2. Lawrence New Member

    I'm also will be grateful to get a possibility to reach Npower support by phone directly)
  3. smart New Member

    Hello to everybody)

    I have never met the same problem but the Npower contact phone number that I used last itme was 08449959979 - to reach Customer Services. Hope it helps you too.
    To allow your call being handled in the most efficient way please have your Npower account number ready before call,
    however there is an option to press '1' and system will wait while you looking it up during the call.
    I also can add that lines are open from Mon to Fri: 8.00am to 8.00pm and Sat: 8.00am to 6.00pm, excluding bank and public holidays.

    You're welcome)
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  4. Andy.N New Member

    Don't believe my eyes)) The number is valid!! Where did you get it??
  5. Darkimmortal New Member

    Smart, thank you for having responded to my request))
    I've got Npower customer service directly without any problems))
    And I'm happy because company will fix this electricity monitor under the warranty)

    Best wishes...
  6. fr0st New Member

    Great!! Thanks for such a useful Npower contact)
  7. jan18 New Member

    Completly agree)) The Npower phone number is valid and helped me a lot!
  8. s_baza New Member

    I want to join Npower in my new property and that is why want to contact with Npower Customer service.. But at first I'd like to ask forum users..
    What do I need for installing it? Could somebody pleased to explain me how to join it in my new house???
  9. affolter12 New Member

    Unfortunately I don't know nothing about installation. To my mind you should contact with Npower technical support and tell them everything about your situation in details. Be sure they'll help you)))) Good luck!
  10. nevigen New Member

    Hello! I'm here because I think my bill or statement is inaccurate.
    What can I do?
    Is it worth to contact Npower customer support???
    It's not so serious problem that is why I don't want to bother support group..
  11. La5 New Member

    In any case you can use Npower helpline number and call them when you need it.
    If you're unsure in your bill or statement, first of all check to see whether the company has estimated your consumption.
    If your bill has been estimated, contact the company. You must have your own meter reading so that the company can update your account with your actual usage. Then you should visit meter reading page (online) to send a reading.
  12. Blazara New Member


    I'm interested in Smart Meters and because of this yesterday I used Npower helpline number and got to company's service center over the phone. Consultant told me something about Smart Priority Queue, but due to the noise in my house I didn't understand him very well. So, what can you tell me about Smart Priority Queue??? Explain me please what is this.
  13. brainjohn New Member

    If you are interested in Smart Meters, Smart Priority Queue is for you!
    This queue allows you to be one of the first who will have this Smart Meter. I think you should contact Npower customer service once more and ask them about everything you need properly.

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