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Norton customer service number UK

Discussion in 'Software' started by JoyeShop, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. JoyeShop New Member

    i'm trying to find Norton contact telephone number to call its customer service in UK.
    Can anyone help me?
  2. IamSCORPION New Member

    You can contact Norton customer support by calling 0844 545 6509 number in the UK.
    Users of the Norton products for Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, mobile or
    tablet devices as well as Symantec enterprise customers can get support on
    this number, purchases, refunds and virus removal services are on this Norton support
    number as well.

    Calls are charged at 5ppm from BT line.

    Norton contact phone number is available 24/7, lines are open all the time.
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  3. GoldenReg New Member

    Thanks for number! I've called to Symantec customer support and my PC is working again!
  4. Triol New Member

    Useful information, time to time i have some issues to Norton. It gonna be easier and faster to get the Norton technical support!)))
    Great thanks:)
  5. N-Tony New Member

    Thanks to this forum we have got so many useful contact numbers. You, guys, make a great work. I'll visit you constantly:)
  6. PrtSc New Member

    Really thanks
    I've already used this Norton phone number for a few times and all my calls was successful)
  7. vikatoria New Member

    Hi there:)
    Excellent work! I called and was surprised of efficient, helpful, fast and friendly Norton service))
  8. Leibonik New Member

    I am extremely thankful for Norton customer care contact number!
    Great website. May you grow higher in future!
  9. TRACKMIXERS New Member

    Thanks! Glad to get Norton phone number:)
  10. SerJey New Member

    Great job!
    Really thanks for Norton contact phone number for customers. I'm not even hoping that I would find this number
  11. VitUrzh New Member

    I'm so greatful!!!
    This Norton contact number is very necessary for me)
  12. pagestore New Member

    I like that Norton company provids the highest standards of service..)
  13. melivan New Member

    I've tried and result has satisfied me completely:)
  14. SchmitzIT New Member

    hi there)
    I'm so greatful for Norton contact phone number!!! It's really useful contact!!!!!!!!:)
  15. F5Media New Member

    Hi)) Great thanks for a Norton helpline number. I've found just a FAQ on the website but the standard collection of answers is no use to me)
  16. starpom New Member

    Hello guys! I think, my computer is infected. Can anybody help me?.. or it is necessary to contact with Norton service centre....?
  17. jomdj New Member

    No, it isn't necessary to contact with Norton support team, but if you have some problems and cannot solve them by yourself, you can do it without any hesitations!!))))))
    Good luck!..
  18. theoferdinand New Member

    When will I receive my notification?
    And what if I have not received this?
    I think I shouldn't trouble Norton service centre with this question, they have a lot of work without me too. That is why I'm here and hope to get a piece of advice from you!
  19. maxnah New Member

    Symantec will send this starting on the product release date. If you haven't received your notification, call Norton customer support service or go to the official website to retrieve your upgrade. You should enter there your customer number and Symantec sales order number and only then you'll see all available upgrades.
  20. Mr. Brightside New Member

    I was looking for something interest on the Internet and saw the term FileConnect. Who knows, what is this???
    I don't want to address to Norton service center with such an easy question.
    What can you tell me?

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