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EDF Energy contact number for customer services UK. Please help..

Discussion in 'Large providers' started by Rigel Kentaurus, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. Rigel Kentaurus New Member

    Hi to everybody here)
    Could anybody share EDF Energy phone number for customer services? I'm interested in Green Tariff, it's different from other green schemes, so I want to call and clarify all detailes. Exactly, Will the energy I'm going to use through Green Tariff actually come from renewable sources? Is there additional charges, etc?
    It will be a great help if somebody gives me direct EDF Energy contact.
    Thanks in advance for any response.
  2. Andy.N New Member

    need help too. I'll be glad for any information)
  3. smart New Member

    Think, I can help you with EDF Energy contacts. You can try to use this EDF Energy phone number 08449959717 for customer services. A few month ago, when I hadn't account number yet, I've called via this number and got the support successfuly. Sure, the contact is valid till now.
    More, the previous names of companies that EDF Energy has absorbed are former London Energy, SWEB Energy and Seeboard Energy. Best time to call is Mon–Fri ~ 8am–8pm, Sat ~ 8am–2pm.
    If you do not have your account number ready too, just hold for a short while and say “I do not have it” after second prompt to be connected to live customer services adviser.
    Good luck!
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  4. Thief8925 New Member

    Oooh, great thanks for EDF Energy contacts!!!
  5. Rigel Kentaurus New Member

    Smart, big thanks for responce. Information you provided is very useful.
    Yes, EDF Energy contact number still is valid)
  6. smart New Member

    Everybody is welcome:)
  7. U3RlcA== New Member

    It was very helpful!!!
  8. s_baza New Member

    I've got a EDF Energy contact number and shared it!!!!!!
    Great, great, great thanks!!!!!
  9. dMark New Member

    Thanks,forum!!!! Here I find useful information and will try to get EDF Energy support..)
  10. blazingcherub New Member

    Good job:) I'm so greatful!!!
  11. Sumo New Member

    Thanks) very useful))
  12. Cheshir New Member

    It's realy nice to have an opportiunity to contact the Edf energy company by phone
    I've met high level of service and special approach:)
    Big thanks
  13. Onni New Member

    life is good))))
  14. KoIIIeY New Member

    Hello! I have a few question to Edf energy service center about my heating costs.
    I'd like to get some advice about staying warmer. so.. should I use the number above or is there another phone number concerning such questions???
    who knows???
  15. z-7mark New Member

    no, there is only one EDF Energy helpline number. you can contact with support team easily and get complete answers to all your questions!!! Try to use the number in messages above!!))
  16. Hosted New Member

    Hi! Does anybody know something about energy saving?
    I looked for it everywhere with no result. Only this forum and EDF energy helpline number remained.
    You're the first)) help please, tell smth useful!
  17. camriper New Member

    I can provide you some useful tips. First of all run your heating for just one hour less every day. Take a shower rather than a bath. It's more efficient and cheaper) It's also very important to turn your appliances off instead of leaving them on standby. And at last use low energy programs on your dishwashers.

    P.S. I'd like to say great thanks to EDF support team. They gave me proper consultation. I've never seen such professional advisors.
  18. ivb New Member

    hi)) Can anybody provide me some information about billing and payments and explain me how to use it?
    I've heard that EDF Energy service centre is very helpful, but I couldn't contact with them because of problems on the telephone line((
  19. chiwawa New Member

    It’s not a problem because you can also contact EDF Energy support service online on their official website.
    As I know you can pay online (personal customers and e-Billing account holders).
    Besides that you can use Direct Debit, BAC S, Corporate Purchasing Card, Credit Cards, Cheques or Postal Orders.

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