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eBay customer service number UK

Discussion in 'Web Sites' started by Administrator, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. Administrator Administrator

    Sometimes it's hard to find eBay UK contact numbers.

    You can use 0844 545 8179 phone number to call to eBay UK

    0844 isn't free, 0.05p per minutes
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  2. JeffE New Member

    Thanks! Valid ebay's telephone number!
  3. zloi New Member

    Yes, but you can talk to Ebay live person only on
    Monday to Friday – 8:00am to 9:00pm
    Sat & Sun – 9:00am to 6:00pm
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  4. A black person New Member

    Thanks, I got them via this phone number
  5. daffman New Member

    Great, i've called to eBay customer sevice and solved all my problems!
  6. CincUnfine New Member

    Thanks for ebay telephone number. But you can speak with ebay live person faster by pressing hash (#) if you have no pin.
    I use this when trying connect to ebay customers support faster.
  7. mr.root New Member

    Thanks a lot, i've called to eBay customer service support fast and without problem!
  8. hadahan New Member

    Tnx for ebay customer support phone number!
  9. NYU New Member

    You can use 0844 545 8179 for customer account, paypal, marketing and other enquiries
  10. SerJey New Member

    Thanks, ebay uk contact number is valid!
  11. Fort New Member

    This EBay UK contact phone number helps me to got EBay support service fast and succesfully, thanks a lot.
  12. Hosted New Member

    Via this no. I've got eBay and solved all the problems with delivery.
  13. Dead master New Member

    Hi there:)
    I would like to say a big thanks to the forum and his team and the eBay manager for being so helpful and professional. The problem was also solved very promptly and everybody in eBay was courteous and polite. It was a pleasure to call eBay.
    Thanks for eBay helpline number!
  14. eStinger New Member

    Hi to everybody! I'm glad to get such a eBay support phone number. I've called and I can say that the service was really professional and it was very good communication))
  15. SchmitzIT New Member

    Thanx, thanx!!! It was a big help for me)
  16. pavloff New Member

    It is very helpful to have eBay contact phone number!
  17. HiopsNerevar New Member

    For our convenience there are a couple ways that customers can contact the eBay company but contact by phone is the best!!!
  18. affolter12 New Member

    It's a so great help!!!!!
  19. Jake Bunce New Member

    I was glad to get full eBay support by phone))Thanks
  20. potash New Member

    hi there))

    Want to say big thanks for big help)

    Very grateful)

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