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E.ON Customer Services phone number

Discussion in 'Large providers' started by IloveParis, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. IloveParis New Member

    Hi there)
    I have a kind of problem with E.ON power company. The point is that I think my bill is not right. It based on actual readings, not on estimated as I thought before. I'm sure it is mistakes with meter readings because I changed nothing in home, now isn't really cold and I couldn't used so much energy. I've send a Query to Customer Service but nobody answered yet. That's why I'm going to make a call by phone and get in touch with E.ON representatives directly.

    Could anybody please share E.ON power contact phone number for UK? I'll be very grateful)
  2. B-u-s-t-e-r New Member

    I will be grateful too...really need E.ON contact numbers!
  3. krook New Member

    Hi to everyone))

    As for me, your meter readings have a bug) You should call the service team to fix the damage)

    The E.ON (EON) power contact phone number is 08446684033 for UK customer services, that is why you have no problems any more))
    From my experience I can say that the best time to call is 8am to 8pm from Mon to Fri, 8am to 6pm Sat.

    Don't worry and be sure your problems with E.ON will be always resolved))
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  4. IloveParis New Member

    Hi one more time))
    So great thanks for E.ON contact number...
    I was surprised for such a warming attitude and can say that only highly qualified specialists are working there:)
  5. Vodkaholic New Member

    It's great! So big thanks for help!
  6. Gabbana New Member

    It is the best EON phone number I 've ever had!!!
  7. Ustas New Member

    To my great surprise I've got really excellent consultation from E.ON support team.
    Don't afraid to call them. Every customer can get proper help and complete answer during the whole day!!!
  8. XaDex New Member

    Hello) Yeah, I agree with you. On Monday I reached to E.ON customer service because had some questions according to moving into another city, and got appropriate help. Thanks to proffesional workers I solved all my problems)))))))))
  9. Tsukuyomi New Member

    Can I find out who supplies my new home? Before contacting with E.ON service centre I want to know can they provide me this info.

    Who knows? – thanks in advance
  10. Lon New Member

    I think E.ON support service can provide you this information. You just need to use their contact number or find your local MPAS office.

    P.S. Guys, and now I have a question. I want to change my property. When should I let the company know I'm moving home???
  11. That Bearded Man New Member

    hi! You should contact with E.ON customer support service at least 2 days before your moving date. By the way, when you contact the company you must have the following information available: your account number, your forwarding address, the address you're leaving, the date you're moving and your final meter readings. You're welcome!!!)))))))
  12. jesse12 New Member

    I wonder, is it possible to use my friends' card to pop up my credit?
    The matter is that the card fits my meter. At first I wanted to get in touch with E.ON (EON) Power support service, but then remembered this forum.
    So.. Have any ideas???

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