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Dell UK technical support phone number & dell customer service

Discussion in 'Manufacturers' started by nomc, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. nomc New Member

    I have a problems with a Dell laptop I bought in November. Having spent hours on the phone support and after paying for software support it is no better.

    It has got to the point where I am just going to send the computer back with a letter of complaint - I don't care if I will never see it again!! Dell would not give me an address/telephone number for their complaints department.

    Can you say Dell support phone number UK?
  2. Jackchamp New Member

    Hi, I also need Dell technical support no. Can anybody help me?
  3. alcorplast New Member

    Need help too, plz...
  4. Xatter New Member

    I've got it))
    So, the Dell number for home and business
    customers support is 0844 995 9696. When u're calling three options are available: for product information and new orders, for technical
    support, for customer services, like issues about order delivery and other queries.
    Calling times to dell support UK is from 9am until 5pm Monday to Friday.
    Good luck;)
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  5. C_LINE New Member

    Hi to everyone!

    Tnx, the Dell support phone number UK really work.

    Just wonna add, when u're choosing the option 2 if u have no your express service code ready, wait until system will bring you to the next step
  6. nomc New Member

    Thanks a lot, the Dell support no. really helped me.
    i'm free of problems men:)
  7. Jackchamp New Member

    thanks for detailed information:)
    i'll try
  8. denkeeper New Member

    thanks for help..
  9. F5Media New Member

    I like this information. It's gonna be useful for me)
    Great thanks,Xatter:)
  10. w-builder New Member

    I must express that the Dell contact phone number provided by forum is valid. The service was excellent and very helpful))
  11. seotat New Member

    Thanks for a Dell support number. I was looking for it...
  12. Mike New Member

    Good result of searching) BIG Thanks!
  13. Onni New Member

    Realy great help) I was looking for Dell support phone number for a long time!!!
  14. planknot New Member

    I've call to Apex staff via number above and get support and warming attitude. I'm so greatfull!
  15. Mitrich New Member

    Hi there) Thanks for valid Dell contact phone number to reach Customer Services))
  16. bousaid New Member

    Great!!!!!!!!!!!!So easy)))
  17. beagler New Member

    I'm glad to find this Dell contact!
  18. ozzzo New Member

    My wishes and dreams come true)))
    Great great great thanks for shared so useful Dell telephone number!
  19. Thief8925 New Member

    Hi)) I'm this company' user and have next question... How do I purchase warranty extensions and upgrades?
    Can Dell support service answer me on this question???
  20. Mister Shadow New Member

    Yes, sure)))) Contact with Dell support team and they'll provide you all information about purchasing warranty extensions and upgrades.
    You can find such info also on their website, but it seems to me that to co contact with customer support by phone is better!!!!

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