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British Gas contact number? Homecare or Customer service

Discussion in 'Large providers' started by filmlion, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. filmlion New Member

    Hi. Could you tell me direct British Gas contact number?
    Have checked on their website but no results.

    Interested in British Gas homecare or customer service numbers.
  2. eStinger New Member

    It's problematically to find the British Gas contact number. All free BG numbers that I've found don't work now. But I've got the alternative number - 08445450086
    use to contact British Gas.
    It is right phone number and costs 5 p/minute

    You can use it for Billing and Account Enquiries for customers who want to pay a bill over the phone or customers that want to update their personal account details. Also this number can be used to report problems with the gas supply such as smelling gas in your home. Customer can use this number to switch supplier and provide there relevant details required over the phone to complete the process.

    Open Times of British Gas lines:
    Mon-Friday – 8am to 8pm
    Sat.– 8am to 6pm
    Sunday – Closed
    Use this information if you're going to call the live person in British Gas
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  3. filmlion New Member

    Hm, ok, will try it.

  4. Dead master New Member

    Super, thanks I've got them on this telephone number!
  5. Myza New Member

    Thanks eStinger!
    i've used it to contact British Gas bill over the phone
  6. im_sorry New Member

    Thanks for British Gas telephone number! Will try to solve my problem by phone
  7. terrell New Member

    British gas homecare telephone number helps me when I was trying to book an engineer to fix a breakdown.
    Thanks for valid no.

  8. GreyWolff New Member

    Your help was huge, thanks))
  9. C_LINE New Member

    hi to everybody:)!!!
    Just want to say a huge thanks for British Gas contact phone number))
    For sure absolutely first class service. Fast, efficient, helpful and friendly. Everything explained. Excellent experience
  10. smart New Member

    I would highly recommend this British Gas support phone number!
    Great job, excellent service. Thanks:)
  11. dwdmadmac New Member

    Thanks:) Did not expect to find a British Gas phone number...
  12. needfa New Member

    I find this information realy helpful!
  13. o-mega New Member

    Thanks!! Now I'm feel free to contact British Gas customer service))) It's great!
  14. Mister Shadow New Member

    Thanks for giving us a wonderful chance to connect with British Gas in a direct way.
    I've got needed support.
  15. starpom New Member

    Hi there))
    Happy to find this helpline number for British Gas. It was difficult..
  16. Fort New Member

  17. kisloidden New Member

    I will agree word for word
    thanks for a help:)
  18. RWS New Member

    Hello guys))
    Can someone provide me how to read my meter??
    Or is it necessary to contact with British Gas customer care???
  19. RvG New Member

    Actually it is not difficult to read your meter, but I advice you to use British Gas helpline number and communicate with company's representatives personally))))))
  20. b13on New Member


    I'm here because want to know what combined energy billing is? and How to request a copy of my bill?

    I realize that these questions are worth to contact British Gas service centre, but this is a little awkward. So, ask you to help me!!!

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