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ASOS customer services telephone number?

Discussion in 'E-shopping' started by hirokodon, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. hirokodon New Member

    I need to sort out delivery issue with my order from ASOS really quick, can not believe it is London UK address I am having delivery problem with. Wanted to ring them, but can not find any contact number on www.asos.com, only e-mail customer services are available. Does anyone have any phone number for ASOS customer care?
  2. smart New Member

    Yes, its really hard to get that telephone number, but... 08449959533 will get you to ASOS customer care directly. Hope it will help you to sort out your delivery and enjoy your purchase. I'll try to add opening times later.
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  3. hirokodon New Member

    Thanks a lot, worked like a charm! All sorted now.:)
    I will definetly enjoy my brand new autumn 2011 outfit.
  4. Gabbana New Member

    Thanks for asos contact nuber!
  5. WorkNets New Member

    Thanks! Tried to found it many times and no results.
  6. derikdun New Member

    Hi there, phone number for asos is valid. Thanks for useful information:)
  7. JBourne New Member

    Thank you for a great help. My payment was declined and asos support found the reasons. Now everything is ok :)
  8. GoldenReg New Member

    I would like to say a great thanks for a valid ASOS contact number: The manager was very polite, courteous and it was a pleasure to deal with.
  9. fr0st New Member

    Hi to everyone!
    Great thanks for very useful information. Respect to SMART! this ASOS contact number the best))
  10. Jake Bunce New Member

    Thanks! This number helped me a lot:)
  11. PrtSc New Member

    thanks for valid Asos contact phone number. I have to call and solve some problems.
  12. Shmigul New Member

    Hi to everybody)
    Just want to say a great thanks for help with Asos contacts...
  13. SK New Member

    I have a call and can say that Asos experienced team is available to answer any question you may have))
  14. Lenarfate New Member

    I'm so greatful!!!
  15. MarttiMorrison New Member

    Via this Asos contact I've got customer support!!! Thanks for everybody!!!
  16. mr.root New Member

    That's exactly the thing that I wanted!
    You did a great job!
  17. Andrew New Member

    I'd like to use my discount but cannot do it because don't know anything about it(( What do you think.. can ASOS customer service provide me all info about discounts??? Actually I've looked for it everywhere but there was no result(((
  18. Johns_ON New Member

    unfortunately, I don't know anything about discounts((( but, you can contact with company and ASOS support team will do their best to help you
  19. Lamps08 New Member

    I want to make sure that the company has received my returned item. How can I do this???
    I've never done anything like this. Is it worth to contact ASOS support service?

    Give me please a piece of advice.

    Thanks-thanks-thanks in advance!)
  20. maliarovich New Member

    To my mind the company's representatives will email you to let you know that your item has been received and checked. If you haven't received an email within ten days of returning your items, please contact ASOS service centre and advisors will get back to you as soon as possible. Be attentive when you let company know your original number, any delivery reference numbers and which items you have returned.
    I think it's a good answer to your question)))))
    Best wishes!

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