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Amazon customer service number?

Discussion in 'Web Sites' started by C_LINE, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. C_LINE New Member

    Hi. Can anybody tell me direct Amazon customer service number?
    I've checked on their site and no results.
  2. Cheshir New Member

    I have the same problem with searching Amazon customer service number
    Does anyone else aware the contact Amazon? I heard it's the same as for PayPal?
  3. CincUnfine New Member

    It's problematically to find Amazon contact number. But I aware the alternative number 0844 545 6508 - use it to contact Amazon UK.
    When find 0800 free no. write it here plz.

    No, it's different
    You've missed, you can try to use Ebay contact number to contact PayPal.
  4. Eagle New Member

    Thanks! I hate their service but I need to call to Amazon support in UK sometimes
  5. hirokodon New Member

    Excellent! I've lost 2 hours searching for Amazon customer service telephone number!
  6. Lenkom New Member

    You can use it to contact Amazon for Customer Services, Returns and order tracking.
    Open Times
    Daily - 8:00am to 6:30pm
  7. Olympus New Member

    Thanks! Use it for all amazon delivery information.
  8. Fort New Member

    Perfect, I've got them))
    Amazon UK phone number helps me, thanks.
  9. jan18 New Member

  10. daffman New Member

    I would like pass on my compliments for the service provided by Amazon Customer Services when I called. They were very polite and efficient and good value. Thanks a lot)))
  11. Fort New Member

    I've get even more than what I expected! I thought I would find just an email)
  12. Deebs New Member

    Huge Thanks for a huge help. I was looking for this number, but didn't exept that would found it so fast)
  13. potash New Member

    Here is even more than enough thanks, but I give u one more)))
    Great job!
  14. Q12 New Member

    It was a huge help, big thanks! Amazon contact number was really helpful!
  15. Johns_ON New Member

    I'm glad that the staff of the Amazon company is always ready to communicate with customers in a direct way):)
  16. Andrew New Member

    Nobody can't imagine how did I need this contact!!!
  17. kisloidden New Member

    Amazon phone number above is the best!!!
  18. Arkadiy New Member

    !!completely agree with you!!
  19. sanvel New Member

    Ooh)) Yesterday I used this Amazon contact phone number and what did I see.....????
    I received a full answer to all my questions. Indeed, I even couldnt expect it))) support team is really professional and competent in their work...
    It's nice)))
  20. B-u-s-t-e-r New Member

    You're right!!!
    Amazon customer service has a huge experience that's why they're in great demand! Company cares about each customer))) I like it...

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