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3 Mobile (Three) customer service number UK

Discussion in 'Internet and Phone' started by a6588, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. a6588 New Member

    I am a new customer of 3 mobile and have some problems with the mobile broadband.
    Can anybody tell me direct contact number for 3 Mobile customer service number UK?
  2. holyteaclub New Member

    I don't know free phone number for 3 mobile, but you can use this one 08449959511
    to contact 3 Mobile customer service. You can use it to solve problems with all 3 mobile phone issues - pay-monthly and pay-as-you-go.
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  3. Fang New Member

    Also remember - you should call 3 customer service at the times below to reach live person

    Monday to Friday – 8am to 10pm
    Weekends and Holidays- 8am to 8pm
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  4. smart New Member

    Thanks for this contact number for 3 mobile.
  5. needfa New Member

    I'm glad to get number for 3 mobile technical support:). I've just broke my iPhone and it's pretty sad. Hope they'll help me to fix it
    Thanks a lot.
  6. pavloff New Member

    This three mobile contact number is great. It was a huge help)) Thank you.
  7. La5 New Member

    Provided Three Mobile support phone number is valid. I've called and I can say that the staff was friendly and exceptionally helpful. I highly recommend this Three Mobile contact number to anyone. Thanks))
  8. Xatter New Member

    I've called using this 3mobile contact and i'm surprised: communication was really good and the quality of work was excellent.
  9. Lawrence New Member

    Thank you very much for the extra help you gave for all of us:)
  10. Elleon New Member

    Great! I've got it!!!
  11. tefun New Member

    Hi to everybody:)
    Thanks for contact. Three Mobile team satisfied all my needs)
  12. zikkuratvk New Member

    The Best way to get Three Mobile support!!
  13. Daniel Thomann New Member

    I'm so glad to find Three mobile contact phone no.)) It was so simple, thanks, big thanks
    I've called and it took around 10 minutes to solve the problem I had...
  14. Triol New Member

    You can not even imagine what a help it was!!! Thanks:)
  15. mercy New Member

    Thanks very much for so helpful information)
    Knowing 3Mobile tech support phone number is really handy!
  16. melivan New Member

    I want to check my price plan. How can I do this?!
    I know it's possible to contact 3-Mobile support team for this, but I don't want to bother them now.
  17. Marques New Member

    Hi)) The easiest way to do it, is to contact with 3 Mobile customer service. They'll tell you everything you need to do!) Be sure, you'll get professional support!
  18. hogso New Member


    I’m confused.
    I have spam messages on my phone and cannot deal with this by myself.
    What do I do? Is it worth to report about this problem to 3 Mobile service centre?

  19. Chka New Member

    Be careful, the people who send these messages may be trying to access your personal information.
    If you think that you have a spam text messages, you should do the following: check that the message is spam and find out more about shortcodes. Then you can contact 3 Mobile support group and tell them about your spam messages.
    When you make a report, you should also include the content of the message and the time/date you received that message.
  20. Michaelgillen New Member

    I called the television program and all the money on my account disappeared((( I know that the cost of such services is higher, but I think it should be some warning about the charge of the call. At first I wanted get in touch with 3 Mobile service center and scold them. Then I realized that it wasn’t their fault. So, tell me please...What are premium rate services?

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